Scarlett Amp Natalie Vamp It up for W ...


Scarlett Amp Natalie Vamp It up for W ...
Scarlett Amp Natalie Vamp It up for W ...

hey kids - i just got the cover of the latest W magazine which is featuring scarlett johansson & natalie portman who are starring together in the upcoming flick the other boleyn girl - they both look great - especially ms. portman - i adore her! plus i love the little dog who joins them on the cover - so cute! below are few choice quotes from both ladies! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


"I've been battered for saying that I don't believe humans are monogamous by nature. The response was, like, 'What a ho-bag!' I didn't mean that I don't practice monogamy in my own life--of course I do! I'm not going to be in some tarty relationship. But I stick by what I said. I remember another time, I said I get tested for AIDS twice a year, and again that got spun as me being promiscuous. But I was single at the time, and I think it's important to do that!"

ON HATING GOSSIP MAGAZINES "You're never going to find me at the Ivy. I don't care how good the Cobb salad is. These tabloid magazines--I think they're hideous and the downfall of society."

ON SUPPORTING BARACK OBAMA "I will continue stumping for Obama until he's elected. The past eight years have been painful for a lot of people. We're in a state of emergency."


ON MONOGAMY "I'm into monogamy. But I'm not really into marriage right now. I sort of hate the legal aspect of it. What does the state have to do with it? Why are they making rules that say my lover can stay in the United States if they're foreign or share my health care benefits because I'm straight--but if you're gay, you can't have that?"

ON BEING IMPRESSED BY HILLARY CLINTON WHEN SHE MET HER BEFORE THE SENATE "I met with about 10 representatives that day and Hillary was by far the sharpest. Did you read Gloria Steinem's op-ed piece? Hillary's just so experienced."

ON BEING STEREOTYPED A 'GOOD GIRL' WHEREAS JOHANSSON IS STEREOTYPED A 'HARLOT' "I get branded a lot as a good girl. I'm, like, the prude, and you're more sexy..."

ON HER PUBLIC PROFILE "The only thing that's a little bit annoying, is I feel that I come off kind of boring sometimes."



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