Mary J. Blige - Mashed W Snow Patrol


good morning boys & girls - happy valentine's day! oh yes - it's mashup time here on popbytes! once again **DJ paul v.** has selected an awesome track that takes mary j. blige's kick-ass tune 'just fine' and mashes it perfectly with snow patrol's 'open your eyes' - giving it a whole different spin! i was thinking to possibly pick up tickets to mary's upcoming heart of the city tour (25 shows in all) which she's about to embark on with jay-z - which i know will be a totally hot show! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

Since people are still reeling about the Grammys - seriously, Aretha Franklin should be more concerned about looking like a giant stick of melting butter instead of Beyonce calling Tina Turner 'the queen' - I'm thrilled that our girl Mary J. Blige nabbed 2 more trophies that night. I LOVE her new, dance-oriented disc, and I know we feature Team 9 alot, but he just keeps making such damn good mashes! This one imagines Miss Blige, feelin' extra fine with some Snow Patrol. It's definitely not cheesy, but it sure is sweet!

Listen to **Team 9 - Sugar And Cheese** [.mp3 6.4mb]

Enjoy! - DJ Paul V.
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