The Puppini Sisters Are Crazy in Love!

good morning boys & girls! i'm sure some of you must have heard about the puppini sisters (join them on myspace) a trio of gals (italian marcella puppini, and brits stephanie o'brien & kate mullins) specializing in close harmony & acapella - very reminiscent of the 1940's andrews sisters with a modern twist - i was recently clued in on their second album the rise & fall of ruby woo (quick sidenote: 'ruby woo' refers to a shade of lipstick made by MAC - a favorite of the rockabilly scene and the puppini sisters - as well the cure's frontman robert smith) i've been enjoying their pop jazz style over the past few days - it's all very campy & fun - perfect for your next party! they even do a cover of beyonce's hit song crazy in love - giving the track an entirely different vibe! i wanted to feature one song from the album so please have a listen for yourself below - you'll soon be swaying & swinging from side to side! (plus the video for their song jilted is below) i've heard their live performances are a total blast - i hope the ladies make the trek out to los angeles! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

» listen to the puppini sisters' crazy in love (quicktime)
» watch a video about their new album (quicktime)

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