Britney Spears' Break the Ice - Remix Style!

good morning and happy monday (if there is such a thing) i haven't posted much on britney spears lately but i have been enjoying her album blackout a whole lot - it was selected as one of my top favorite albums from '07 and two months into this year the disc still remains in heavy rotation (especially when i'm driving) oh my gosh - i love it...pure pop music tastiness at its very best! finally things are starting to turn around for the seriously troubled pop princess - she just got back visitation rights with her two young boys sean preston & jayden james...who she hadn't seen in almost two months! this past weekend was the big reunion at britney's house - hopefully she'll continue on the road to recovery and being a good parent! i'd also love to see her tour at some point with her latest album - although i doubt that will happen...yet we can dream big right?!?

anyways the third single from the album break the ice just got a hot remix treatment from artist / producer **lancifer fama** (join him on myspace) who did an excellent job with the **feelin' it** remix which you'll find below for your pop listening pleasure - popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

» listen to britney spears' **break the ice - feelin' it remix** (.mp3 4.8mb)

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