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Ugly Betty Gets the Doll Treatment

By popbytes

hey hey! i had a nice & relaxing day - i got in a few hours of playing devil may cry 4 on xbox - it just came out a few weeks ago - the graphics are simply spectacular - plus the storyline is quite in-depth - it hooked me instantly - a must have if you love video games! speaking of 'toys' - one of my favorite TV shows ugly betty is getting the doll treatment! the pictures are from the '08 american international toy fair in NYC where the 'betty suarzez' doll was unveiled - wearing her now infamous (and tacky) betty guadalajara poncho! hopefully they'll make more characters - i'd love to have 'marc' & 'amanda' dolls! (their best moments are embedded between the pics) oh i can't wait until new episodes turn up - i'm so relieved the writers' strike is finally over after 100 long days - and everyone seems fairly happy with the new deal! popbytes over & out for tonight - at least there's one more day left without having to deal with work - woo hoo!

PS oh my word - i just realized the oscars are one week from today! i will most likely be live blogging the ceremonies since hollywood's biggest night airs at the same time on both coasts - time delayed live blogging sucks! (it's such a chore but usually turns out to be a fun time!)

ugly betty - best marc moments****ugly betty - best amanda moments

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