The 3am Girls Worse for Wear Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne Pair up for a Wild Night out

One is a millionaire model. The other the daughter of rock royalty.

But last night model Kate Moss and wannabe rock chick Kelly Osbourne turned 3am partygirls to pair up for a wild night out in London, leaving both clearly the worse for wear after a night which didn’t end until the early hours of this morning.

A dishevelled looking Kate leant heavily on boyfriend Jamie Hince, as she and a worse for wear Kelly left club Punk in Soho last night.

The 34-year-old model, and mother of daughter Lila Grace, 5, exited the club unsteadily with her head hanging down, wearing black shorts and a leather jacket, and opaque tights which appeared to have stains on them.

While a dramatically pale Kelly, the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and X Factor judge Sharon, clearly needed the support of two pals as she wove her way out to the waiting car.

Clearly Kate’s rumoured new healthy lifestyle has hit a snag. A recent report said the model was embarking on a healthy-eating regime in the hope that it would boost her fertility.

But it appears that she may need some more time to make the adjustment.

Despite both of them looking in desperate need of an early night, Kate and her musician boyfriend Jamie Hince of band The Kills, then moved on to Kelly’s north London flat, where they continued the party until 4am.

Quite what they were celebrating was a mystery, but it had been a long night out for Kelly, who had earlier attended the NME awards.

And like her mother Sharon at the Brit Awards last week, she too was at the centre of controversy after she unleashed a torrent of foulmouthed abuse, directed at awards presenter James Corden.

The 23-year-old was reportedly drinking throughout the show as she shared a table with pal Kimberly Stewart.

And when Corden introduced her to the stage, describing her as ‘the queen of hanging with the bands’, Kelly stunned the crowd by replying: “Go f*** your mother, Mr queen of hanging with the bands”.

She also snapped at the press becoming annoyed with their questions about her pal Amy Winehouse.

Kelly was also furious at Amy’s nomination at the NME awards for Villain of the Year. She said: “I think it’s unfair to knock someone when their down.”

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