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Please Not My 'rosemary's Baby'

By popbytes

is nothing sacred anymore in hollywood? (duh - of course not!) are original ideas running out? (it certainly sounds like it) just last week i was reading about an upcoming remake of the 80's teen flick the breakfast club which irked me but whatever (it doesn't even sound close to the original plot) but tonight i heard via shock 'til you drop that there could be a remade version of my all-time favorite horror flick rosemary's baby (which i've posted about before here on popbytes) there's simply no way they'll be able to top the 1968 masterpiece directed by roman polanski and starred mia farrow rocking her infamous blonde pixie cut as the young lady who discovers she's given birth to satan's child...however i'd love to see katie holmes star along w/ hubby tom cruise which would for sure increase the creepy factor - but there's no chance in hell we'll see tomkat starring in this hits way too close to home! (not to imply that suri cruise is devil spawn but you get what i mean) the horror films from that period of time tended to be more on the creepy & chilling side without a schlocky gore splatter fest - of course if the film does get a modern day update - the gore will be heaped on and won't work with blood & guts galore (they'd have to alter the original story to accommodate more gore) i seriously hope some executive has the decency to leave well enough alone! (author ira levin totally rolled over in his grave today) i've already resigned myself to the fact there's a remake in the works of a nightmare on elm street - a completely unnecessary venture - blasphemy is alive & well in hollywood today! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

PS thank heavens someone nixed the idea of another adventures in babysitting - you simply cannot fuck with the babysitter!

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