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Jamie Lynn to Casey You're Not the Daddy

By popbytes

good evening! who doesn't love stories of confessions, tears, and drama? (as long as it doesn't involve you personally!) this week's **national enquirer** is all about 16-yr old jamie lynn spears supposedly telling boyfriend casey aldridge that he's not the daddy of her unborn baby! i don't think anyone can be sure of anything without a paternity test but we all thought she was totally innocent - and that's not the case anymore so who knows who else she might have slept with?!? (especially w/ stories like this floating around) poor mom lynne spears must be ready to tear her hair out - she has major drama on two fronts - at least britney spears seems to be heading on the right path once again...but for how long is the question! the whole spears family saga is just plain crazy - i don't think anyone could have predicted this a few years ago - it's a total real-life soap opera!

while on the topic of drama - i love the bit at the top with jennifer aniston taking revenge on angelina jolie - maybe she stashed away of brad pitt's semen - and she's planning to be pregnant with his baby - that would be wild but highly unlikely - i'm curious to read more (conveniently located on page ten) on this seemingly never ending story (let's not forget that i play on team aniston and jolie - i love them both!)

is there a twin boom going down in hollywood? first up we've got jennifer lopez (who is about to give birth very soon) having twins - then supposedly angelina jolie is pregnant with twins - and now jessica alba's name has been tossed into the mix! does anybody else find her to be a total bore - yes she's hot but i don't find her all that talented (although i did like her in sin city) if i never heard about ms. alba again - i wouldn't even notice or care!

with american idol starting to heat up - i bet that all four people in the top corner had a little work done - i'm very excited to see the top 12 girls perform tonight (last night was just ok) and four people will be leaving tomorrow! i also had a 'idol' spotting today - in the elevator at work i found myself standing next to sanjaya malakar who was most likely doing something with TV guide and AI - he was actually really cute in person - with a great smile that gave off a sweet & friendly vibe - my pal joey is now referring to herself as a 'fanjaya'! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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