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Is Brad's Mom Jane Playing Wedding Planner

By popbytes

good morning! oh poor jane pitt (mom to brad and grandma to many) every once in awhile she gets dragged into the tabloids like below on the latest cover of **STAR** magazine - which is featuring a supposed dramatic blow-up between brangelina over their upcoming rumored wedding - filled with tantrums & tears! apparently brad got his mom to pitch in and help plan the nuptials but the shit hit the fan when angelina jolie found out jane wanted to invite jennifer aniston (who was probably just trying to be polite - she's still good friends with ms. aniston - who would probably politely decline the invite...) i can't wait for the day when angelina and jen finally come face to face - maybe then the drummed up drama between the two can finally be settled - they should totally do something for charity together - that would be hot! (last week i had the ladies starring in a movie together - perhaps next week i'll have them making a line of toys together or baking cookies with martha stewart)

in other stories there's britney spears who may finally be through with creepy paparazzi dude adnan ghalib (unless she's pregnant with his child - which i still hope isn't true!) plus mary-kate olsen is flirting with disaster...the magazine isn't talking about her horribly bad sense of fashion! last but not least there's word of a secret meeting between miley cyrus' mom leticia and lynne spears - i bet they had a lot to talk about like how to keep hannah montana from getting knocked up - that whole cash cow train would come to a screeching halt! some designer needs to whip up a line of trendy chastity belts and joe simpson could be the 'celebrity' spokesperson! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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