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Grumpy Jolie Nixes Anticipated Oscar Clash

By steph

First, it looked like the Oscars wouldn’t happen, then thanks to un-California-like rains and bone-chilling cold, it looked like it would be a washout. Stars such as Eva Longoria even toyed with thoughts of passing on the red carpet. And then finally, after 100 days of striking and two weeks of hectic preparations, the sun truly came out.

The week was one that proved to be nightmarish for celebrity stylists and fashion houses who were scrambling to outfit their clients. Last-minute party scheduling meant that celebrities who might have been committed to only one event suddenly had several from which to choose.

The most hotly anticipated showdown of the week, however, ended up not happening. Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were all expected at the exclusive Night Before party at the Beverly Hills Hotel Feb. 23, but Brangelina was a no-show. The couple did show up earlier to the Independent Spirit Awards, where Jolie wore a form-fitting dress that proved that she’s undeniably pregnant.

Curiously, however, the chance to put the questions to rest didn’t put Jolie in a very good mood. One person involved with the awards productions said, “She made it tricky to film because every time the camera cut to her, she looked really surly. We kept cutting away quickly.”

One person seated near Jolie agrees that she didn’t seem happy to be there. “When Angie was pregnant with Shiloh, she was all giggles, it was such a nice change. Throughout the whole show, she just seemed irritated.” One person who did bring a smile to her face: Daniel Day Lewis. “Every time he was around she light up,” said the source.

Awards aside, the party schedule left even the most skilled publicists in a panic. One publicist who has a high-profile A-list client said, “Without the Vanity Fair party, you’ve got all these other parties popping up at the last minute. It’s hard to know what is going to be good and what just sounds good.” One party that was a no-brainer: the last-minute party hosted by Prince. Also, Diane von Furstenberg and Madonna put together last-minute bashes.

“Really, the Globes set the tone for the awards season,” said another publicist. “It’s amazing how this pulled together so quickly. It’s still glam. It’s still the Oscars.”

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