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Christina Aguilera's Bundle of Joy ...

By popbytes

good evening! oh my goodness i started a big project tonight that took a lot longer than expected...i rewired my whole TV set-up which meant unhooking everything - and reorganizing all my devices - it was so darn messy - it needed to get straightened out - it looks much better now - plus i was able to hide a lot of the cables which were driving me crazy! it's almost done but of course i couldn't skip a day of posting! below i've got christina aguilera and her hubby jordan bratman showing off their new baby boy max liron (who is a capricorn just like yours truly) in the latest issue of **HELLO!** magazine! my gosh - what an adorable little family they make - i love the fact their two doggies were also included in the picture! i'm a huge fan of ms. aguilera's - i can't wait to see what she'll pick for her next album vibe! i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend - before i go to bed i need to clean up all the mess i made but i'm so happy i finally reconfigured all my audio/video/game devices! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

Christina gave birth on January 12th in Los Angeles by planned C-section claiming she 'didn't want any surprises'. Speaking to Hello! magazine she said: "I'd heard horror stories about tearing! I really wanted a calm and peaceful environment. It was just a really nice relaxing way to give birth."

As Jordan is Jewish they also arranged a bris, the Hebrew baby naming and circumcision ritual ceremony. Jordan was keen to film the birth but doctors restricted him from filming the C-section procedure. He managed to turn the camera on just before they delivered Max. Christina recalled: "Jordan wasn't squeamish at all. He had the video camera ready to go."

"The most reassuring thing for me was hearing that first beautiful cry. I just welled up with tears." She added: "We can't stop staring at him. We study him, he studies us back. It's just an unbelievable experience, the whole journey. It's just a beautiful time in our lives."

"Max is going to grow up in a house where there's lots of love. And lots of lessons will be taught based on being thankful and appreciative." Christina wants a big family and says: "We even look forward to possibly one day being open to adopt." (Hello! magazine is on sale on Tuesday in the UK)

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