Sail in to the Gap ...

The Gap is usually hit or miss for bags, usually, I find them to be cheap looking and on the juvenile side.

This season however, they have one of the best Summer totes. Roomy enough to hold most of the things you need at the beach, but stylish enough to carry every day the Large Rope Hobo is a winner.

Crafted from durable, heavy cotton, with nautical rope handles and ties (which bring to mind last years Miu Miu) it is far cleaner looking than many other Gap bags. The trim is a wide band of leather, and the rope ends are finished in the same...features which make the bag look like more than the $98 it costs. The bottom is also leather, which adds extra durability. and support.

Inside, the bag is divided into several sections with a large zippered compartment, and many open pockets. The top close is a magnetic snap.

There are some other bags in the group, but they verge on falling into the old Gap trap of too much detail, which isn't a bad thing, but again, is difficult to do well while managing cost.

The Large Rope Hobo is a very manageable $98, and available in brown only from the Gap.

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