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Rose Mcgowan - Lookin' Sexy in Arena

By popbytes

good evening! i'm thrilled i made it through the day - this morning i was super cranky and bitchy but after lunchtime rolled around i managed to be back to my cheery pop self! (with the help of burger king - which is totally nasty but i can't help myself sometimes!) tonight i'm looking forward to the season premiere of hell's kitchen over on FOX - although i'm way bummed that on the lot has gone from two nights to just one (it'll be on tomorrow evening)

anyways i just came across these pics of rose mcgowan looking sexy & sassy in the july issue of **arena** magazine! i swear this past year has been the revival of ms. mcgowan - i didn't hear about her for years and all of a sudden she seems to be everywhere - i've always been a big fan especially of jawbreaker (which i've mentioned before here on popbytes) of course i fucking loved her in grindhouse - while filming she got one of the directors (**robert rodriguez**) to leave his wife for her (who was a producer on the film) oh my gosh - girlfriend has something the boys like! (yet we must be honest - yes she's older but she looks way different than before...) her next movie is black oasis (filming kicks off this fall) where she'll play real-life 'b' actress susan cabot who was murdered by her dwarf son back in 1986 - oh that sounds like a fun one! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!


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