Criss Angel - Get Your Mindfreak on!

good morning! do we have any **criss angel** (join him on myspace) fans in the house? tonight kicks off the third season of his awesome show **mindfreak** over on A&E tonight at 10pm! i've always loved so called 'magic tricks' but his stunts/illusions go way beyond simple tricks - gosh i'd love to know how he does it sometimes but that would just spoil the fun! i can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve this season! (besides cameron diaz - is that still on?!?) if you want to 'freak' out a friend today - make sure to check out where you can send a pal a message direct from mr. angel - it's pretty neat! plus to celebrate the premiere tonight i've got some **mindfreak** goodies to toss out to two popbytes readers! below is the list of the goods - all you have to do is answer this question...who is criss angel's hero? the first two people to email me at will win! i'll make sure to update this post once i have two winners - good luck! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

mindfreak season #2 on DVD
criss angel's new memoir 'mindfreak: secret revelations'
mindfreak candle
mindfreak soundtrack
criss angel card deck
criss angel messenger bag
criss angel t-shirt

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