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I saw Transformers yesterday. This is what every summer blockbuster should be like. Mindless robot on robot action. So hot. Pajiba thinks so too…kind of.

According to this, The Blemish is rated PG-13. Start telling everyone of your friends to start reading this site because I’m certified. When I get that G rating, you can tell little kids about this place too. Now you’ll have a reason for lurking around elementary schools.

Bastardly: Aida Yespica does Matrix magazine.
CityRag: 16,000 Firecrackers in 60 Seconds

Drunken Stepfather: Ashley Tisdale of High School Musical celebrates her birthday in a bikini.

Celebitchy: Jude Law is a fun drunk.

Horny Oyster: Leeann Tweeden grabs her breasts in Stuff.

Bossip: Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian?

Yeeeah: Victoria Beckham is adamant her implants aren’t that big.
UseMyComputer: Adriana Lima goes out to party.

TC: Scarlett does Vanity Fair.

CelebWorm: Marilyn Manson was banned from Church. (Site NSFW)

SOW: Elton John has another hissy fit

Attuworld: Some girl gets really turned on at a rave. (NSFW)

AB: An Exposition Of The Inappropriate Sexual Behavior Of John Stamos
Celebslam: Paris Hilton is still a slut.

College Humor: Don’t fall asleep at a baseball game.

College Humor: A panda escapes through a tiny hole in the wall. Cool.

EB: Ellen Pompeo Might Have Eaten This Week

CS: Diana Ross is a Pain in the Ass

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