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I-Dog Ampd VS the Original I-Dog

By Chip

We posted about the new i-Dog Amp’d a few weeks ago and now that we finally got our hands on the new pup, we decided to show off his new moves. Just to recap, aside from a groovy new pink floral design, the i-Dog Amp’d can now move his front left paw in an endearing tapping motion, bop his head to the beat and wag his tail and swish his ears. However, for us, the most notable new aspect of the -Dog Amp’d is that the i-Dog Amp’d has a speaker on his back and bottom side. The result is a much louder and more powerful listening experience than what you had with the original i-Dog. As a matter of fact, the i-Dog Amp’d sounded more than twice as loud as the original i-Dog to our ears. This extra speaker power is probaly why the i-Dog Amp’d required 3 AA batteries as opposed to just 2, like in the previous i-Dog. A plug cable is included so that you’ll be able to input any audio device to listen to through the pup’s speakers. However, both the newer and older i-Dog will respond to music, even if it’s not plugged directly in to them.

Another significant change is the way you interact with the new i-Dog. Petting the old i-Dog in order to give him attention (or wake him up) required touching the sensitive area on top of his head. On the new i-Dog Amp’d, his whole face is touch sensitive.

We taped the two pups side by side as they danced to some Dolly Parton, so you could see for yourselves how the two different generations compare. Dancing together they stole our hearts. Overall, the new i-Dog Amp’d has some welcome improvements aside from its new design. And for $34.99 you can’t go wrong. We look foward to more versions of the i-Dog Amp’d in different colors and more new designs down the line.


The Good: Cute new dance moves, speakers are powerful

The Bad: You still need a screw driver to change the batterries.

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