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Philips VOIP841 Skype amp Landline Dual-Phone Review

By Chip

Admittedly I am a casual Skype user and I really only use Skype to talk to friends overseas, where Skype seems to be even more popular then it is here. I’ve eyed several Skype handsets in the past but never jumped ship because I didn’t like that your computer had to be powered on and that you had to be signed on to Skype in order to use it. Thus the fact that the Phillips VOIP841 lets you talk on Skype without having your computer turned on, well that caught my attention right away. The other main feature that piqued my interest, though not quite as unique is the fact that the handset works with your regular landline as well.

Setting up the VOIP841 was as easy as connecting its base station to my wireless router and to my land line. The included instructions were easy to understand and no software installation was required to get it up and running. However you of course need to have a Skype account. The package generously comes with skype credit for 120 outgoing minutes and 12 months of voicemail.

When you turn on the phone it initially asks you to enter your Skype username and password account information. Once that is set up you are ready to start sending and receiving phone calls. After you dial a number and hit send, the phone’s interface gives you an option to select Skype or landline as the method for making your phone call. It’s an easy two step process, that doesn’t require any complicated steps to switch between Skype and your old landline - and that is the way it should be. You can also access your Skype contact list and scroll through it and choose who call.


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