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Product Review Twisted Silver

By Lauren

On my hunt for giant earrings I came across the online boutique Twisted Silver and let me tell you -- Kitty likes what she sees.

Twisted Silvers's jewelry is a cross between something really loud and something really sweet (you know kinda like me). The two products I tested out were the Sweet necklace and the Fusion earrings.

The Sweet necklace is candy inspired (now if only I could eat it too) and is super long. The length is what I like most about it because the rest of my outfit won't have to be too complicated. This is definitely the go-to piece for when you have nothing to wear.

The Fusion earrings weren't as long as I would have hoped, but after I looked back at the site I have no idea why I thought they were long in the first place. Wishful vision I suppose. They are cute all the same, perfect for someone less dramatic as say ... me. I am all about drama when it comes to earrings these days. Oh and while I am on the topic, did I call big earrings or what? I so did. I also called bangs ... I had bangs before Kate Moss "started" the trend. Man it's hard being a trendsetter.

Anyhow ... check out Twister Silver (here)online and get 10% at check out :)

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