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The Germans Welcome Tom Cruise

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Earlier this week, the Germans banned Tom Cruise from shooting his movie, Valkyrie, about the plot to assassinate Hitler, because of Cruise’s affiliation with Scientology. Germany considers Scientology a cult and a threat to German democracy putting it on par with neo-Nazi groups. Today, they backtrack and say they are not opposed to the film being shot in Germany.

The ministry now says that, while it hasn’t received an official request from “Valkyrie” producers United Artists to shoot in the country, it would “look agreeably” upon any such application.

The source of the “Valkyrie” controversy seems to have stemmed from a posting on the Web site of conservative German member of parliament Antje Blumenthal. Blumenthal posted a statement Friday claiming that Defense Minister Franz-Josef Jung had pledged to her that Cruise would not get permission to shoot because of the purported danger posed by his Scientology.

Wise choice Germany, wise choice. Had you guys flopped the other way, Tom Cruise might have summoned his spaceships and shot lasers at you. Blue and pink glittery lasers. Pew pew pew. Right at your Scientology hating German selves. Begging for mercy, eh? Tom Cruise respects that. Now stand up and look him in the eyes. Haha, sucker. Pew pew pew.

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