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Tom amp Katie's Bodyguard Tells All

By popbytes

good morning boys & girls! this week's **national enquirer** is jam packed with a bunch of gossip & rumors! there's more details coming out about owen wilson (the magazine along w/ STAR first broke the story this past sunday) yet the main story revolves around tom cruise & katie holmes' bodyguard spilling the beans on everything from tom's 'rampages' to the 'truth' about their love life - ms. holmes has been looking great these past few months but i still don't buy them as a couple - i wonder how long they'll carry the charade on?!?

moving on we've got a story on brad pitt's secret plastic surgery that angelina jolie isn't happy about - i haven't noticed anything new about brad - he always looks good! there's also more gossip about britney spears who is being investigated for child abuse - she's not beating the kids or anything but she for sure seems to be a messy mom - i hope she didn't leave the kids alone (with a pack of whitening strips for their teeth)

last but not least there's something about a 'high school musical' nude photo scandal - although vanessa hudgens' photo is next to the headline - i'd hope there's nude pictures of zac efron who seems to be everywhere these days - and damn he's adorable - i swore i'd never watch HSM or HSM 2 but lately i've been thinking i might have to watch it - just to see more of zac - he's so dreamy! popbytes over & out for now...xxoo!

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