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Root of it - Fekkai by ...

By shelley

Have you been checking out that hair pile up on your brush and shower drain? Hair loss in women is a growing (ha!) concern. Seriously, over 30 million women in the USA and mostly in their **20’s and 30’s. **

Color, bleach, genes, diet…stress. It’s all part of the problem. What helps? Forget the hair color of the month, lay off hot tools or use ion products, and invest in something like Fekkai">">Fekkai Advanced Haircare: MORE.

Frederic Fekkaiis probably the most elite hair stylist - one of the hottest names in the hair biz— and his namesake salons are a roster of A-list clients. He doesn’t follow trends and he’s known for breakthrough products - like help for thinning hair.

MORE has 4-steps. The lather on the Fekkai">">Fekkai Shampoo is amazing **- thick, silky & decadent, like in a ritzy salon. Wow. Conditioner">">Conditioner is good for every day, but I still has to add a bit of my reg deep conditioner on the ends. Nighttime">">Nighttime Follicle-boosting actually has caffeine to boost follicle growth. And the Density">">Density Styling Whip has renewed my faith in mousse. I forgot mousse was more than a funny name, **instant plumping!


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