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REVIEW Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo ...

By Elke

Triple">*4&offerid=57302.331819152&type=10&subid="'>Triple Moisture
Cream Lather Shampoo

Neutrogena® Professional
Developed to treat extra dry or over-processed hair.

After my sad experience with Aussie's shampoo, (though their styling products are great), given my great success with Neutrogena's Triple Moisture Hair Mask, I decided to cross my fingers and get their shampoo as well.

Am I glad I did. Though I loved Abba's shampoo and conditioner, the price was a bit much and it ran out very quickly. Enter Neutrogena's Cream Lather Shampoo. Super rich, silky and creamy, again, this shampoo feels more like a moisturizer than a shampoo. Lathers up great, smells wonderful and doesn't leave a stripped out, dry feeling to my hair.

What surprised me about this shampoo is that it left my hair feeling incredibly soft and smooth, without having to add any styling products to my hair. Usually I feel like I have to put a ton of styling gel, mousse, hairspray or wax to get my hair to look shiny and healthy, but here, it looked great without anything. Shiny, soft. The only thing I added was a anti-frizz serum to battle the hot humid NY heat and I was off.

Another new surprise was the fact that it brought out the wave in my hair. As mentioned before, I tend to get semi waves in my hair that I feel I always have to do something with to get it to look nice. Either straighten it, or bring out the waves more. Here, it looked perfect without anything. Wow. I think I just found my ultimate shampoo. Along with my twice weekly Triple Moisture hair masque, my hair finally looks perfect.

*thanks to the reader who left a comment encouraging me to try Neutrogena's other great products! thank you!

Triple">*4&offerid=57302.331819152&type=10&subid="'>Triple Moisture
Cream Lather Shampoo
On Sale @ $5.99

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