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REVIEW John Frieda . Starlit Waves ...

By Elke

John Frieda . Starlit Waves
Wave Enhancing Spray

Have you ever stood in front of a product aisle, and literally wished a million wishes upon a certain product? As in chanting, while holding product in question: 'please work, please work, please work.' Well, John Frieda's latest product did that to me.

You see, my hair is now becoming what I think it should be. Too short bangs (thanks to my impatient hands that were holding a pair of scissors at the time) are now grown out to a manageable "looks good for now" length. Hair color that didn't take last time is now back to my dark chocolate brown staple (Revlon's High Dimension Color in SemiSweet..the most beautiful chestnutty brown ever.. though box says in 10 minutes, for me it's more like 20, but I don't care.) And I'm ready to make my flowing locks look, you know, flowing.

Enter, John Frieda's Starlit Waves. My hair is semi wavy from the ear down... don't ask me why. But it does give me the option to make it all straight (which I rarely do because of time) or all wavy/curly when I'm short on time and patience but want to look somewhat like I know what I'm doing in the 'looking good' department. Aussie Products used to have this wave enhancing spray that was to die for, called Volume. Then along came a product redesign and I can no longer find it. That stuff was amazing. Made curls look perfect, super shiny and lasted for days. All I had to do was spray on semi wet hair, fall asleep and wake up all Rapunzel like. It was that simple. But no longer...

So here I am with Starlit Waves, praying, whispering, chanting, 'please work, please work, please work.' Because when the ad says "Dramatic shine. Lustrous Waves", well, a girl can hope can't she? And with their amazing shampoo and conditioners, along with just about every other product they have being a huge hit, well, I expect nothing less.

Directions state: Shake well, on damp hair, spray product evenly throughout hair. Work product into hair, scrunching to boost the wave. Air dry or blow dry with diffuser. On already dried hair, apply a light mist.

"Please work, please work, please work."

I first apply to dry hair. And right off the bat, this stuff smells great. Very beachy, summery. Almost like suntan lotion or oil. And yes, the waves, upon scrunching are coming through. And there's no crispy, crunchy feel in sight. So far, I'm loving it. Hair feels, looks a little thicker, but without the stiffness or sticky feel.

Next, I apply to damp hair after washing. And I go to sleep with Rapunzel in my dreams. The next morning, I wake up with beautiful soft waves.

It does work.

Starlit Waves
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