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REVIEW Maybelline Pure Makeup

By Elke

Maybelline Pure Makeup

Boy, Maybelline sure has me singing their praises lately. Though I wasn't a big fan in the past, they've really outdone themselves.

After seeing their ad for "no oil" (made with 50% water, and shine free) pure makeup, I decided to give it a try. And I love it. This product goes on very smooth and light, but coverage is amazing. I'm actually using it as concealer under eyes, around the nose etc. Just where needed, though for a fully matte face, you can apply everywhere. If you want a matte, smooth appearance to your skin, this is it. Best part is powder is literally not needed. But there's no tight, drying effect. Skin just looks smooth and poreless. And lasts forever. Makeup of course disappears in about 10 minutes on me here in The Big Apple. Sigh. But Pure stays on fantastically. And a good color match too with "Natural Ivory - LIght 3" for my somewhat light skin. Now if only they'd come out with a concealer, I'd be soooo there.

Another rave from me.

And yes, I'm still in New York, and loving every minute of it! Part one of our catalog shoot is done and the models and teenagers were just the most cutest, most beautiful faces I've seen in a long time. One thing about New York, is that everyone is soooo nice. Don't let the cold faces (and I mean, cold as in freezing temperatures, not mean!) fool you! Just say hello and everyone is as nice as they can be. I'll still be here for awhile waiting for part II of our catalog shoot to continue (waiting on weather to heat up a bit before we shot in Central Park). Big news buzzing here? Trader Joe's just opened up in Union Square. Everyone's talking about it, what we in Los Angeles have known all along.

NY weather has my normally normal skin turn deadly dry, and my normally wavy hair go dead straight. So stay tuned for a hair product that literally saved my hair in super dry, cold, windy NYC. One washing with this stuff and I felt like my hair was pure silk....

till next time!

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