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PRODUCT REVIEW Estee Lauder Go Tan Airbrush Spray ...

By Elke

Estee Lauder's
Self Tan
Go Tan Airbrush Self-Tan Spray for Body

Go Tan
Air-Brush Self-Tan Spray for Body

price $28.50
Product Details:
For a seamless tan that's unbelievably believable.

Advanced aerosol technology recreates professional air-brush application--at home.

Delivers a radiant sunless tan that's golden-brown and incredibly natural-looking.

Glow like a pro.
Our ultra-fine aerosol spray helps ensure a streak-free "tan" that looks amazingly seamless and refined. You can hold Go Tan right-side-up, up-side-down or any way in between, so it's easy to reach hard-to-reach areas.

And it dries quickly so there's less waiting around--just 5 minutes and you're set to get dressed.

Your new "tan" starts to appear in less than an hour, and develops over the next few hours. It lasts for days, eventually fading like a natural tan.

Okay, sometimes I get to review a product that I just cannot wait to tell you about. Like jumping out of my skin, you 'gotta try this now!' how soon can I post this!

While I was in New York, I got a generous box of goodies from Estee Lauder, that had been sent while I was gone. And going through all the goodies, even though the weather is just L.A. gorgeous with no sign of winter in sight, I'm starting to feel anxious. As in, please, I'm not ready for winter yet so what can I do to prolong that summer glow experience?

Enter Estee Lauder's Self Tan. THIS is what I've been looking for for so long. I'm so excited I can't stand it. No messy lotions, no waiting for hours to see ah, nothing. No weird scents, and no ghastly orange after shocks.

Wow, this self-tanner is perfect.

Spray on, and it dries literally instantly. No sticky, icky after feel. Goes on light and not wet at all. A few hours later, I did another spray. Because in my experience, once is just not enough. Whoa. Not here. Next morning I wake up to the most beautiful golden glow I've ever seen. Uneven colored skin patches are even, even results as in no streaking (though I could have sprayed slower.. did miss a few spots..) and the 2 sprays are almost too much. I was just going for a golden glow..not summer Bahama vacation. I could literally spray once weekly and have the warm summer afterglow I've been looking for. Slight concern is the obvious fragrance that you smell when you spray, which had me coughing a bit, but I'll take that over the icky self tanner scent any day. I even sprayed on my face (I know, not advised but I just couldn't help it) and fragrance is not for the eyes (duh, you'd think I'd know this) but I even got great color there too. (Note to self: get Estee Lauder self tanner forface.)

My one wish is that this can lasts. Nothing like spraying and it only good for 5 tans. But since my goal is to go into the cooler fall/winter months looking glowing and refreshed, this should last a while. And sadly while their website currently says it's sold out and it's a limited edition, I can only professionally and personally make a request to Estee Lauder, so here goes. "Please, please make this a permanent part of your line. It's sold out for a reason. It works. It's amazing. Thank you!" (You think they heard me?)

With results this good, I'm totally converted. Love, love love this.

Go Tan
Air-Brush Self-Tan Spray for Body

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