PRODUCT REVIEW: Neutrogena Mineral Sheers for Eyes ...

I know there's been hit and miss blog reviews about the new Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Foundation, but let me tell you, I'm raving about their Mineral Sheers for the eyes.


Available in 6 shades, (very beautiful neutral shades) each come in two colors, a high lighter and a lid or crease color. I'm loving these. Though if you have very creepy or wrinkled eyelids, I would avoid these, the shimmer in these are high tech! But they're beautiful and the best part is they stay on. I even apply them with a damp eye shadow brush, so they stay on for hours and hours. I love that you see them when you apply them (not like most eye shadows when you can't even get any color on), and the colors are all very wearable. My fav is Pebble and Sand, an olive brown and a bronze that looks beautiful on brown eyes... I've been wearing these almost every day. If you don't mind the high shimmer factor, you'll love these. Oh and on a 'duh me' sidebar? Note that the eye shadow container 'slides' open, much like a matchbox. Silly me took forever to open this thing trying to lift it, pull it, push it. Duh!

Available in 6 shimmering shade duos: Sand, Quartz, Stone, Pebble, Shell, and Clay.

Free of irritating dyes and oil
0.12 net oz.

Mineral Sheers for Eyes.
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