5 Tips on Resisting the "Food Temptation" ...


5 Tips on Resisting the "Food Temptation" ...
5 Tips on Resisting the "Food Temptation" ...

If you're having one of those bad days when you just cannot seem to stick to your diet - holing yourself up from the rest of the world is no solution. That'll just make you crave for food all the more. Here are some useful tips can help you resist the food temptation.
1. Do something else!
When watching your fave TV series, don't sit through the commercials. Fold the laundry – do some sit-ups or step-ups. If you have a bowl of popcorn with you while you watch, you won't even notice that you have already gobbled up the entire container.

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Follow the "one Serving" Rule

If you're literally drooling over the thought of ice cream – keep individual servings on hand and make it a rule to have one serving only!


Learn to Read Your Mind

If you've just had a light dinner and your mind is telling you to sample a piece of chocolate cake – that's just a food fix telling you what to do and not a real hunger pang!


Stop and Smell Your Food

Sometimes, even the aromatic smell** **of what's cookin' on the kitchen is enough to make you feel full.


Drink Water!

Finally, slurp one serving of soup or drink up a glass of water before eating lunch or dinner – this will make you feel fuller, faster.

These are some of my tips for making sure I don't fall into the old and too-familiar a trap of food temptation. What do you do when you want to say no?

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I started keeping a food diary, as I've always been anti diets, but got to the point where I needed to loose weight. I was quite shocked when I started looking at the calorie content of food. I have lost a lb per week for the last couple of months now, and the results are amazing. I've lost my 'tummy', but haven't stopped eating the things I enjoy. I just make calculated decisions now. Some days are worse than others, but generally I make up for it. I think value for money wasn't doing me any favours... so buying large chocolate bars, instead of just one small one, with a lower calorie content, and big bags of crisps. Fatal! So now if I fancy a bag of crisps, I buy one small one, and one I know I will really enjoy. I treated myself for hitting my 'first' goal weight by buying a cheesecake. I was shocked when I tried to eat half, and struggled.

This doesn't work for me. This is silly. There is no way other than wearing a blindfold and hoping that you won't trip over any cheese.

sometimes i take green tea or coffee then i watch tv

These are great tips - I do all of the above all of the time lol. Instead of water sometimes I opt for something warm like coffee or tea - for some reason it satisfies me more than the water does - although its prob all in my head. :)

Hey has anyone heard of brushing their teeth? I do this sometimes but I'm not sure if it actually works

Really Good Tips Here, I'll Definately Try Them! xx <3

thx for the tips! i will definitely try them!

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