7 Reasons I Love Living in a Tropical Country …


For all my life, I have lived in the Philippines, an archipelago situated near the equator. You can consider the place a tropical country and it is absolutely lovely. Sure, there are many political, social, and environmental problems, but I cannot deny how much I love this place. I love it mostly for being a warm, tropical country with a low cost of living. Aside from this major reason, there are also other reasons why I love living in a tropical country. If you are interested to know what these reasons are, then read on.

1. Two Seasons

I have nothing against having four seasons in a year. In fact, I would love to experience the beauty and magic of fall, winter, and spring. However, I absolutely love how a tropical country only has two seasons: wet and dry. It’s just easier for the body to adjust to the temperature changes. And I also have to admit that it’s easier on the wardrobe budget.

Cheap Wardrobe Upkeep
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