Rah Rah Rabeanco!

Ever so often, while out shopping, er...I mean doing research, yeah, research, I'll come across a fresh looking bag which totally piques my interest so I'll jot down the name in my book, and see what else I can turn up. That's how I found this fantastic Madison Shopper from Hong Kong based Rabeanco.

This lipstick red leather tote is chock full of details, pouches and compartments all done on a tasteful scale. I still like my hardware, but I'm just not into it obstructing the whole bag.

There is vertical a front zipper pocket, a tiny removable change purse, and inside a larger makeup bag, as well as 1 zippered and 2 pouch pockets. The 2 top handles have a whip stitch detail, which matches the jean like rivets at the handle's base.

All in all, this is a great looking tote, at a super price, and judging by the dearth of online stores carrying the company at all one you won't see very often (Though Intuition has a few styles, which means they may have hit the trend radar).

You can get the Madison online for $279 (I said it was a great price!) from Skippy Style.

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