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The Bob is Back

By Christina

I have friends roaming around out there that are probably chuckling as they read this, as they know I have always chastized “the bob.” When I think of the bob ( the haircut, not the b.o.b. - laugh with me if you know what I’m talking about, ladies), horrific visions of the upside down triangle with a perm from the 80’s plague my vision and truly prevent me from being able to embrace a bob. Can’t we call this thing something different now that its 2007??

The poshest gal in the world is sporting a might darned cute layered bob these days (Victoria Beckham, of course), as are a ton of other celebs. The Houston Chronicle has some great suggestions on how you can pull off this haircut without looking like a throwback.

Seek a professional: Have a stylist determine which bob - layered, inverted, choppy, etc. - is right for your face and hair texture.

Grow your hair out: At least to the ears. That’s what makes it a bob, Spiller says.

Think layers: A good bob is layered, so the cut may not work if your hair is thin and fine.

Get a color job: Professional hair color can kick the cut up a notch.

Use products: Try a smoothing serum for curly hair, a texture or clay balm for straight hair. Also, use a heat-seal product to protect your hair from heat and humidity and a light hair spray for the finishing touch.

Whether I care to admit it or not, the bob is a haircut that ANYONE can wear. I disagree with this article a little bit above where it says a bob might not work on someone with thin, fine hair. There is a bob that works for you, I guarantee it. There are tons of different options in cutting them that will accentuate the good, and minimize the bad. A good bob can make fine hair look thick, and incredibly thick hair act manageable. Get thee to a good hairdresser who will help you find you way into a haircut that is flattering, low maintenance and (*gasp*) terminally cute.

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