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Kwei out of This World

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It's not really that often that a new handbag comes along with such intricate artistry that you know you must own one, whatever the cost, because it really has no close competitor. I owe a big thanks to Ashley who linked Rock. The. Trend. in a comment for finding Katharine Kwei. She designed that bag...several of them in fact.

This Stella clutch looks organic, like something from the ocean...even jellyfishlike. It's really unique.

Crafted from materials like water snake, pricked goat skin, and lamb these bags are truly something unto themselves. Katharine Kwei incorporates her signature, a chinese eternity knot into the bags they look a bit impossible, like a brain teaser...where does the knotting begin? Can it be untangled? (please don't try to untangle it!)

The Zara, which comes in this hobo style, and a tote below resemble clasped fingers, holding onto a bag of treasures. I don't think I'll be able to look at fringe again after seeing it bent and tied so intricately.

The tote especially has a very dramatic fringed look. I know I'd be playing with this stuff all the time...some people have worry beads, I have fringed bags.

The bags are all lined in goat suede (a very luxurious touch, which even though they are not cheap makes them even more worth the money) and have plenty of inner pockets. There are many styles to choose from, in quite a few leather combinations. The prices range from about $600 for a clutch (the Stella up top is $650), up to $1675 for the Zara Tote as shown.

Active Endeavors has the Zara tote in a 2 tone lambskin for $845, which really seems like a fantastic price for the bag.

I also predict that this will be a very hot bag, given that it has already gotten great press for being seen dangling from the arms of all the right celebrities, and she has the same sales representation as other hot companies like Kooba, Rebecca Minkoff, and about good company!

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