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Pop Nosh Lily Allen Best Watch Herself ...

By popbytes

lily allen has been apparently making kate moss jealous! lily needs to steer clear of pete doherty

miss usa tara conner got all gussied up and it's so not cute - she might need fashion rehab next!

gwen stefani brought baby kingston by the ellen degeneres show where he made his big TV debut!

britney spears desperately wants to be pals with la lohan - a few more drinks and wonderland it is

that eddie murphy movie norbit is getting really weak reviws - the timing sucks that's for sure...

olivier martinez is a heartbreaker and an indian giver! he's taking back and selling kylie's yacht!

naomi watts only pretended to take her birth control & now her and bf liev schrieber are expecting!

nancy sinatra is getting pissed off at lady victoria gotti for stealing her chic fashionable ways!

mischa barton was torn over cisco adler's balls but in the end she decided to pass...they'rs over!

oh my gosh! where is the real tinkerbell? has she been locked away somewhere & forgotten about?

teri hatcher has decided to give barbara bush a run for her money - check her out with george w...

today the role of lindsay lohan will be turned over to jessica biel! those rehab schedules are zany

with just one cover kate winslet lost her sex appeal according to our wacky drunken stepfather...

someone thought to retire the tired laguna beach reality scene but they're moving it to brooklyn...

did kirstie alley manage to keep off the weight?!? i doubt she'd do a bikini shot on oprah again!

rumors of a spice reunion are being kicked around again - they so need to do it but with all of 'em!

nancy sinatra bang bang**what the buck?** more rehab drama!

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