Pop Nosh: Kate Moss is a Freakin' Idiot ...

kate moss is a such a loser! i'm sorry but she really needs to dump pete doherty & his messy ways!

i know someone having a worse week than radio jock don imus! yup it's joe francis - he's so fucked

you gotta love courtney love & her cryptic messages - she denies having any weight loss surgeries!

it looks like lindsay lohan is either jet lagged or back on the party train - she looks way tired!

or maybe it's because kevin federline wore her out! that's the latest hook-up rumor going around

our darling UK songbird lily allen played NYC this past week and even brought one fan to tears...

jeez cameron diaz is taking her break up hard - she's all ready to take up in a retirement home!

there's adoption rumors floating around madonna again - will she be adopting a girl named grace?

one thing you gotta love about porn are the actors' 'names' - here's the top twenty porn aliases!

paris hilton gets a big fat F from trendmill on her latest foray into fashionable sportswear...

did you all know sanjaya's sister shyamali worked at hooters? here's the photographic evidence

kylie minogue looks fierce in a bunch of ads for H&M's swimwear - i can't wait for her new album!

here's a sexy post for the guys - who wants to see karolina kurkova topless pictures? i'll pass...

jennifer lopez dropped some scientology lingo on 'american idol' when she talked about 'rightness'

oh my gosh - did joe camel take up residence in jessica simpson's crotch? her pants are way tight!

there's a brand new kelly clarkson song called 'never again' - take a listen & see what you think!

genesis land of confusion**what the buck?** his AI audition!

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