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Elizabeth Clashes with New in-laws

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Elizabeth Hurley is having in-law issues with the family of her new husband. Vinod Nayer, father of Hurley's groom, told a British newspaper that he has cut ties with his son after feeling "publicly humiliated" at the couple's double weddings in England and India last month. "Liz and Arun have treated us very shabbily. My heart is heavy with pain," Nayer, Sr. said. "We were pushed into the background like poor relations. This has broken my heart. I have decided to cut all ties with my sons... I feel that Liz and Arun behaved shamefully and placed more importance on showing off than their own family." The 66-year-old textile magnate said he has not spoken to Arun since their Indian wedding celebration but has sent him a letter claiming his son had "disregarded me like one of your office boys... You have shown disrespect to me and my family, plus my dear friends who have been with me since your birth."

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