Pop Nosh: Britney Spears Goes Gay?!?

oh lordy britney spears has a big gay secret...although this story did fly around the web already!

mariah carey likes to play dumb! when asked about la lopez & she acted like she didn't know her!!!

kim kardashian's sex tape has finally arrived - check out some the stills from her video debut...

lauren conrad is one smart cookie! thank heavens she has no aspirations to be an actress or singer

the anna nicole story grows deeper & darker - did she miscarriage because she was still drinking?

oh everyone loves picture comparisons - here's danity kane's aubrey o'day - by day and by night...

mischa barton is so done with cisco adler after pics of his low hangers surfaced all over the web!

oh my gosh! my hottie slade from the real housewives of OC has dabbled in nude modeling (SFW)

nicole richie is scared to death of jail time - maybe she'll still fit between the bars & escape!

heatherette rocks the NYC fashion scene with their wiazrd of oz inspired runway show! so damn hot!

girls keep an eye on yr man &yr best friend...richie sambora and denise richards are back in LA...

will anyone reading this admit to trying trimspa? did it work? do you feel like you need to sue?!?

jessica alba is on set and she's not looking happy - in fact she looks miserable and not so cute!

today the role of the NYC hobo lady will be played by mary-kate olsen - girlfriend needs a stylist

ashlee simpson makes a night run to ralph's grocery store and doesn't take her eyes of the ground!

dita von teese loves how she can take her waist from 24 inches to a mere 16 inches by not eating!

jill sobule i kissed a girl**what the buck?** tyra, paris, & kfed!

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