Video of Anna Nicole's Last Moments Sold for $500,000 - Even Though It's FREE Online ...

The video of Anna Nicole Smith’s last minutes has been sold for…wait for it…..**500,000 dollars. **Yeah! Even though it’s totally FREE ONLINE:

After a media bidding war, Splash News & Photo Agency, the paparazzi outlet that sold the rights to the tape reportedly sold the rights to ET.

Splash has received quite a bit of criticism regarding the offering of the tape for sale.

Splash has the details:

‘Splash blog fans (and not) we’re getting a kicking about this video, (, Defamer, Dlisted, Jossip, ICYDK)but lets face it, everyone wants to see it so watch the exclusive video on Entertainment Tonight. Are all of you going to bash them for showing it? I doubt it. TMZ had a video of her dead body covered in a blanket posted on their blog, are you guys bashing them? I doubt that too. Are all of you going to be watching it? Definitely!

Why are there so many blogs, television shows, and magazines solely devoted to celebrities? Why are the 24-hour news channels running ANS material non-stop? Why is ANS the top story on every news broadcast? Because everyone wants to see it, we are all hungry for celebrity news.

Due to a licensing agreement we cant show you the video till Tuesday morning due, not that anyone would want to see it of course.’

Well, hate to break it to you ET, but you can watch Anna Nicole Smith last moments video here. It’s not graphic, by the way; it doesn’t show anything really gross or dishonoring to Anna Nicole or her family. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have posted it


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