Oh No He Didn't

Oh no he didn't! Karl Lagerfeld has an album out, which has all of his favorites songs... I am ordering this NOW. (via Perez Hilton) Lindsay Lohan already has it so why shouldn't I?

Here is a list of the songs. I could actually care less about the songs I just really need a CD with KARL on it.


• Disc: 1 • Devendra Banhart : I Feel Just Like A Child • The Boy Least Likely to : Be Gentle with me • Minotaur Shock : Vigo Bay • Lindstom and prinz thomas : Mighty Girl • Mayer / Aguayo : Slow • LCD Soundsystem : Too much love• Super Furry Animals : The proper Ornamen• The Pipettes : Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me• Black Mountain : No Satisfaction • Smokers die Younger : Yer Actual • Electrelane : Eight Steps • Xavier Cugat : Perfidia • Planningtorock : I Wanna Bite Ya • The Fiery Furnaces : I `m In No Mood• A Hawk And A Hacksaw : Romceasca• Disc: 2 • Igor Stravinsky : Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra (Presto) The Fall : Blindness The Bell Orchestre : Recording A Tape (Typewriter Duet) • Siouxsie And The Banshees : Spellbound • Matmos : Solo Buttons For Joe Meek • Caribou : Lord Leopard • Goldfrapp : Slide in (DFA remix) • Joakim : I wish you were gone • Stereolab : I Was A Sunny Rainphase • Kreidler : Cervantes

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