Pedicure Tips


Out of all of the parts of the body, the foot is often the first to be neglected. Pedicure is the care of the feet, legs and toenails. Here we will see the tools required for pedicure and the procedure. Thus with a little pampering on a regular basis of your feet you can take care of them and you will have feet that will look beautiful and sexy.

Things Required For Pedicure

Nail cutter

Nail file

Cuticle cutter

Cuticle pusher


Orange stick

Pumice stone

Foot scrapper

Two basins large enough for footbath

Enamel remover

Cotton wool and buds


Base coat

Enamels either coloured or frosted


Materials Required


Liquid soap or shampoo

Luke warm water

Antiseptic lotion

Oil or cream

Nail polish

Foot powder

Hydrogen peroxide

Pedicure procedure

• Soak your feet in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes then pat them dry. Make sure that you cover your toenails thoroughly.

• Remove any old enamel from your toenails with cotton wool and enamel remover.

• Use your nail clippers to file and cut your nails. File your toenails to take off any rough edges, but only straight across.

• Take your tipped orange stick and put some cuticle cream on, massage into the cuticles in circular movements. Clean the foot using nailbrush, foot scrapper and pumice stone.

• Re-soak your feet for a couple of minutes.

• Again with your tipped orange stick apply cuticle remover to the cuticles.

• Wet your cuticle knife to carefully lift the cuticle.

• Re-soak again and then dry thoroughly.

• Apply a good moisturiser all over your foot and ankle take the time to gently rub it in. Also at this time you can lightly dust between your toes with a medicated talc or foot powder.

• Apply your base coat and wait for it to dry. Pick your nail polish and paint on. Don't forget the topcoat for coloured enamels.

• One last thing, use your orange stick and enamel remover to remove all traces of enamel left on the skin to make a really neat job.

Some important Tips

• Wash your feet regularly - to avoid a fungal infection which will cause athletes foot.

• Make sure that you always dry them properly, even in between the toes!

• Exfoliate your feet often - once a week.

• Apply medicated foot powders, anti-perspirant and refreshing foot sprays.

• Massage for relaxation and to get the blood circulation going.

• Only ever cut your toe nails straight across to avoid in growing nails.

• Wear cotton socks to absorb moisture from your feet.

• Buy correct fitting shoes.

• Alternate your footwear. If possible wear shoes that will let your feet breath - either a sandal or leather shoes.

• Always remember to keep your implements clean: if they are left dirty they may harbour germs and cause infections.

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