Oscars Rumours - the CQ round-up

With the show only a couple of days away, here's what we've found out on the rumour mill...

- Victoria Beckham is supposedly styling her new best pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for the big night. In black trimmed with red, a bit like the inside of a coffin (not our words). Here's hoping she goes for some nice killer heeled platform sandals. And we don't mean for Katie.

- Marchesa is still the name to look out for on the red carpet. As we mentioned before, that's mainly because Georgina Chapman (pictured with co-designer Keren Craig) is dating movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. However, last year even Weinstein's best celeb pals chose to go for more established names for the big night. This year I reckon Rachel Zoe and Sienna Miller's new best fashion pals are in with more of a chance of dressing the big names.

- Fantasy Fashion League players are putting their bets on Dior, Armani and Chanel for the big night. Quel surprise! I reckon Oscar de la Renta and Elie Saab will be good bets too.

- Forget Harry Winston, this year the 'slebs are getting their diamonds from Elizabeth Taylor. Apparently the woman who named a perfume after her favourite rocks is letting a cherry-picked list of attendees (including Angelina Jolie) borrow jewels from her private collection.

- The big red carpet colour this year? Green...but I'm not talking about frocks. Eco-conscious stars like Leo DiCaprio will be turning up to the Kodak Theatre in electric cars.

- Bronwyn Cosgrave (author of the most recent Oscar fashion book) has pointed out the surefire way to win the Best Actress gong. Wear vintage! It worked for Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron and Julia Roberts in recent years. [via MSNBC]

- It's all about the Swarovski, apparently. Expect to see sparkly things everywhere. I blame Christopher Kane. Everything is his fault at the moment, kids...

- and finally, if you're as Oscar mad as us, Vanity Fair's fantastic Oscar Blog is the place to be.

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