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Oscar Rerun Best Motion Picture - the Hurt Locker ...

By Sheila&Yusuf

When Sheila first asked me if I would help her write these posts, I was a little apprehensive, what with this being a women's site and well umm.. me being a guy! But I guess they really had a point with it. Why not have a guy's opinion along with the women's to just add some fresh perspective!! I do hope that you enjoy not only my posts, but the collaboration between me and Sheila! And hey, what better way to start than with the Oscars right!?

It isn't often that a big (in this case HUMONGOUS) production movie that is also widely acclaimed, gets outdone by a movie that barely even made it to commercial cinema. But that is the very story of The Hurt Locker which managed to bag the coveted Best Motion Picture award at the Oscars last night.

The Hurt Locker is a war movie and really not much different than many others. The one place that it does stand out in the crop is that it does take a look at an almost sinister addiction to war. The lead character Sgt. William James takes over as the team leader of the EOD (the bomb squad) that is based in Iraq. The whole movie plots the story of him and his two team members as they go around the city disarming bombs and trying to fight the good fight. And though his team is eagerly awaiting (and counting down) their end of duty in Iraq, Sgt James just seems happy doing his job. At the end of the movie, we see that he has returned to Iraq to lead another team as that is the "one thing he knows he loves" (as he says to his infant child back home)!

He says: I can't help but imagine what James Cameron must be going through - how many people have had their ex-wives take the Oscars away from them?? :) Ohh though i didn't think the movie was that great, congrats to Kathryn on becoming the first woman director ever to win the award!

She says: Okay maybe I'm being biased because I haven't seen The Hurt Locker but somehow I wanted Avatar or Inglourious Basterds to win! From what I've read, the victory of The Hurt Locker reminds me a little of the fiasco surrounding The Slumdog Millionaire last year which I didn't think it deserved. Yaay to Kathryn Bigelow though! :D

The most interesting part about The Hurt Locker is not so much the movie, but the story behind its making and its release. From being a small-budget production to being a limited release to being the most successful movie at the Oscars grabbing six awards including the Best Director and the Best Motion Picture!! Have you seen this movie yet? What do you think of it?

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