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Oh My Word - is Edie Britt Dead??

By popbytes

i literally leapt out of my seat at the very end of **desperate housewives**'s season three finale - did edie britt (played by nicollette sherdian) really hang herself after carlos (sexy ricardo chavira) found out her scheme to make him love her?!? craziness!

oh my gosh - i still totally love this show and the return of bree (oh my marcia cross) on tonight's episode totally set the stage for season four - poor gabby (ms. eva longoria) she found out that her new hubby was only interested in securing the latino vote in his race for governor - meanhwile susan (oh teri hatcher) finally found happiness with mike (hunky james denton) - last but not least lynnette's (the incredible felicity huffman) mom joined in on the action & her daughter's current marital problems - portrayed by the always awesome polly bergin!

although i still think this show's first season was its strongest - i still really enjoy all of the characters plus the soapy plotlines - and they've kept the show on a steady sunday diet - i'm so behind on grey's anatomy - damn that switch to thursday nights! ok...i'm seriously over & out for tonight! rock & blog on - much love to all as always - xxoo!

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