Britney Spears Doesn't Need Pants ...

Britney Spears attended a party at club Teddy's in Los Angeles on Saturday and spent the night in her underwear. She was in the back corner with her friends and her two bodyguards had blocked off the area. According to a witness:

"They were jumping around on the couches. And Britney was in her underwear."
A waiter went to bus the table and was told, "No boys ... no boys ... you have to leave." When a waitress asked if she wanted a drink, Britney said, "No, I'm just having Red Bull." But, reports an eyewitness, while her friends did the ordering for, ostensibly, what they wanted to drink, it was Britney doing the drinking. Claims one on the scene: "Britney took shots throughout the night."

I'm a fan of being pantless too, but at least I've got the decency to keep it in my own home. And what's sad is this isn't even surprising. The only thing people expect from Britney Spears these days is that she have a face. She could be spotted at a club eating a live baby and it wouldn't even make the news.

And here she is at Millennium Dance Studio doing some sort of monkey impression.


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