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Paris Hilton Finds Religion

By steph

Praise the Lord and damn the chihuahuas! Paris Hilton has lost the rampant partying, the pampered boy toys and her an noying new-pet-every-week habit - and found religion. The slammer- bound celebutard, who heads to jail June 5 for violating probation in her booze-related reckless driving case, popped into a Hollywood book shop this week to pick up some inspirational literature. No, not the Enquirer or In Touch, but copies of the Holy Bible and “The Power of Now,” the best- selling self-help book by em powerment guru Eckhart Tolle. Confronted by pho tographers, the narcissistic knucklehead was a lot more willing to show her mug this time than she was a few days ago, when The Post snapped her doing a perp-walk act by cover ing her head with a blanket outside her Beverly Hills home. Our lensman reports Hilton, clad in navy blue head-to-toe, yakked continuously on her cellphone as she strolled. But maybe her reading will teach her that silence is golden - neither cellphones nor BlackBerries are allowed in side the cells at Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, Cal. During her 23-day sentence, she’ll be separated from the general inmate population - presumably for her own protection, but just possibly to the relief of the other inmates as well. After all, do convicts in for the long haul really need to listen to Paris whine to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for leniency?


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