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Oh Mariah Carey and Her Flowers ...

By popbytes

before i head off to bed i couldn't pass up posting these pictures of the always wacky mariah carey making a big scene over in london as she checks into her hotel wearing a way too small leather jacket and rocking unnecessarily big ass sunglasses (although the camera flashes totally reveal her eyes) and bouquet of white/pink roses - along with her fancy louis vuitton luggage carelessly tossed onto a nearby luggage cart...she's looking way exhausted (she checked in around 2:30am) but of course mariah still manages to put on her best diva poses - flashing her butterfly ring as bodyguards prop up her arms - there's just something about mimi that you gotta love!

she's a busy bee at the moment with her highly anticipated new album E=MC2 getting ready to drop in about two weeks (april 15th) although the few recent live performances i've seen from her (SNL and 'the hills' premiere) weren't all that great (perhaps she's been a little under the weather) but i'll say her body is looking the best is has in a long time! i'm hoping she'll do some kind of tour - i'd love to see her live - she just needs to get in a lot of practice time - mariah has never been known for being the best 'performer' - a great singer yes but when she's plays live ms. carey always appears to be a drop uncomfortable & nervous (at least IMHO) plus she waves her arms around way too much! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!


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