7 of My Favorite Cocktails ...


Don’t know about you, ladies, but I love, love, love cocktails! That’s pretty much the only form of alcohol I drink and I, of course, have some of my favorite cocktails too. Now, experimenting with different ones is always fun, that’s for sure, so hope I’m not the only fan of these colorful drinks! After all, the point of this post is to share our favorite ones so I’m going to start by listing 7 of my favorite cocktails, hoping you’ll have some of your own faves to share with me, too.

1. Mai Tai

Mai Tai

Photo Credit: donq.com

Yup, it’s the first one on the list of my favorite cocktails and that is no accident! Mai Tai is my absolute favorite which, of course, has its bad sides too, like being able to tell a good one you’re used to from the bad one you’re stuck with. But, let’s just say you get a good Mai Tai – well, then drink it slow and enjoy the sweet, kind of exotic taste mixed with just a hint of alcohol. Don’t take it for granted either because it might give you a buzz you didn’t see coming.

Long Island Iced Tea
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