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By Gayla is the brainchild of Jerry Miller, owner of the marketing and public relations firm for the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.

Jerry works with thousands of farms and ranches across the country. While talking to one of the farmers, Jerry made quite a discovery.

“A recently divorced farmer revealed that she was becoming frustrated with being single and the difficulty of meeting someone new.” Jerry recalled.

“I’m ready to give up!” She said. “How am I going to meet someone new if I am out in the middle of nowhere, working on a farm all day? Maybe I’ll try online dating.”

A month later she called him again, this time even more frustrated. “The men who have been contacting me from the online dating site I joined don’t understand the lifestyle of a farmer,” she told Jerry. “They don’t have a clue! They just don’t get it!”It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was screaming in frustration over my own issues with “city slickers” as I called them. They just didn’t understand what it meant to me to be a country girl and how difficult it would be to even attempt the merging of two very different lifestyles.

Speaking from a country girl perspective, I can easily see how is bound to be a huge hit!

Regardless of your lifestyle or the very aspects of your life that you are most passionate about, is just one example of how niche the whole online dating circuit has become. You can truly find your perfect match - if you’re willing to invest a little time searching.

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