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What's on Apples2apple Three Months Ago

By Anne

I've been extremely busy lately to get a new look ofApples2appleup and trying to set up a apples2apple blog network where I can keep all of my favorite blog in one place. (Lazy me, I know) My blogroll here will be removed by the end of the month so if you haven't see my message on your blog, just email me a 80X80 img and I will get you spot on our new network.

As for new visitors, if you want to join Apples2apple blog network, or simply want to exchange links with us, see details here. In case you want to know a bit more about Apples2apple Blog, I've roundup few topics that were posted three months ago (this blog started little over three months ago). I hope you enjoy it.
Home Organizing series:**
Bad habits that build up a clutter home
Break your bad organizing habits
15 minutes living room make over
4 Kitchen organizing solutions
Easy & cheap finishing touch accessories ideas
Get that romantic bedroom back!
Bright up the bath for a SPA retreat
Keep paws clean in your house
How to turn your home into a five-star suite
5 things to concern for your pets during home renovation

Shopping Series:
Just one more reason for window shopping
Are you ready for fur yet?
Best reviewed Shampoo
Shop everything at home, even groceries?
Winter calls for a pair of boots
Be a girly girl - 6 must have cosmetics

And much much more...

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