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Mr. Big Pisses off Charlotte ...

By popbytes

hey hey! i can't think of any recent film that had so many people talking & buzzing while production was still underway - like how it has been for the upcoming film version of the beloved sex and the city series - which has been filming on location all over manhattan lately - although we've already seen 'carrie bradshaw' played by sarah jessica parker in a wedding dress (which could be real or simply part of a dream sequence...) but we haven't seen 'charlotte' played by kristin davis pissed like she is below - it looks like she's way upset with 'mr. big' (**chris noth**) what could her issue be?!? i was a big naysayer when it came to this film being made (my view was 'leave a good thing alone') but the more pictures i see from the set - the more excited i become! although we'll have to wait a little until may when the film hits theaters! either the early buzz will help the film become a box office smash - or by the time it comes out - we could all be tired of it - hopefully there's a great plot that will provide an excellent final goodbye to the gals we all came to love & adore! (as i doubt there'd be a sequel but you never know - especially if it rakes in a lot of $) anyways - the thought of tomorrow is a total bummer - yet i'm going to see pj harvey in the evening downtown - which i'm quite excited about! (my first time seeing her live!) popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

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