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On today’s edition of ‘The Martha Stewart Show’ (check local listings), daytime host Martha Stewart was joined by her new business partner and TV chef Emeril Lagasse. The pair discussed for the first time together yesterday’s news confirming that Martha’s company has acquired Emeril’s business assets (other than his restaurants).

Here is a little bit of what was said on the show today:

Martha: Tell everybody how this deal came about?

Emeril: You have a very interesting chairman by the name of Charles Koppelman, and I’ve known Charles in another life. How this came about is, Charles brought his grandchildren, who were huge fans of ‘Emeril Live’, to the show…

Martha: They were so excited!

Emeril: They appeared and I hadn’t seen Charles in a long time, so I said, ‘What are you up to?’ And he said, ‘I’m working with Martha.’ I said, ‘You know Charles, I’ve really been wondering how to expand in a quality way my brand, and there’s only one person that I look up to, and that’s Martha.’

Martha: You look up to me? I wore my highest heels so that he’d have to look up to me.

Emeril: That’s not fair! I have flip-flops on.

Martha: This was a long negotiation

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