Viva Oscar


Viva Oscar
Viva Oscar

We started Bag Snob two and a half years ago and are blown away by the strides taken by the fashion blogging industry; from Fashion week invitations to showroom visits, designers are now aware of the positive influence of fashion blogs and reaching out to us. Kelly and I were invited to Oscar de la Renta's showroom yesterday to preview his latest bag collection, we were told Oscar would join us and we just about fainted- how many people can say they hung out at Oscar de la Renta's showroom (and his private workroom loft, I was told most people do not get access up there!) with OSCAR himself!?!? We spent the first part of our visit playing with the Fall '08 collection, not only did I touch and feel all the samples, I was able to try them on! (most fit me perfectly, which means the 6' tall models are a size 0!?!?) It was like playing dress up in your mother's closet, except every item is an **Oscar de la Renta **masterpiece. The clothes were even more beautiful in person, the details in the stitching, beading, and embroidery were absolutely exquisite and extraordinary. Oscar applies the same meticulous haute couture detailing to his ready-to-wear as he did during his years as the Director of Pierre Balmain couture. From the runway we saw gold leafing, in person, the gold leafs are actually hand painted feathers!

Left: Jacquard jacket with sable trim. Right: Look #39

We were led upstairs to Oscar's "inner sanctum" (he is one of few designers based in America who operates as a traditional European couture atelier. His office/showroom takes up an entire floor of a building and houses everyone from pattern makers to embroidery artisans and administrative staff to high level management- each of whom have direct access to Oscar, which makes the House of Oscar de la Renta a well oiled wheel.) and it was very exciting and felt like we were going to a secret hideout! We hung out, took photos and watched the team at work (on a new project, Oscar de la Renta is resurrecting his Menswear line!). As you can imagine, the entire experience was beyond amazing. To say this was the highlight of our career would be an understatement!

Oscar's Accessories Board

Oscar at work on the new Oscar de la Renta menswear line

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2008 bags

Our hour long visit was not only awe-inspiring, it was very educational. We spent a lot of time learning about the fabrics Oscar used for the Fall '08 collection; embroidered tulle(which looks like lace but much more sumptuous), intricate beading, handpainted jacquard, brocade, silk sponge crepe, it was all so incredible! Oscar de la Renta is known for classics but he is also very in tune with his young and hip clientele (which is growing by the minute), I used to think I'd wait until I was older to buy Oscar but his collection has such a youthful vibe that I plan to order several pieces! He is also on top of all the latest fashion happenings, our visit shows that he is totally down with new media and fashion blogging. Still blazing trails at age 75, I doubt the master of all things beautiful will ever slow down!

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